National Sports Museum Delivering the Sport Spirit to Kuningan Regency

As written in the Governmental Rules of the Republic of Indonesia Number 66 Year 2015 about Museums (Peraturan Pemerintah/PP Republik Indonesia Nomor 66 Tahun 2015 tentang Museum), one of the function of Museums is to communicate its collections to the society. Therefore, the National Sports Museum brought some of its collections to be showed in the National Sports Museum Exhibition held in the Kuningan Regency, last 16-17 June 2022.

Situated at the Student Center of the University of Kuningan, the National Sports Museum Exhibition presented the spirit of sport heroes through various sports related collections, the vibration while listening directly to the inspiring stories from the athletes through the Talk Show presenting Eki Febri Ekawati, Athletic Athlete from Kuningan and Ana Rahayu, Rowing Athlete from Purwakarta, both athletes are gold medalists of the 2022 SEA Games Vietnam 2022.

The exhibition also presented some sport branches exhibition i.e. engklek, egrang, bakiak panjang, representing traditional sports sport puzzles, mini golf, archery, also videos of athlete biographies. To make the event even merrier, the exhibition also held few traditional sport competitions, i.e engklek, ketapel, patok lele, gymnastic and museum exploring, with participants come from primary schools and Junior high schools all over the Kuningan regency.

The objective of the exhibition is to spread the atmosphere of the struggle of sport heroes among the students and people of Kuningan Regency, as well as to bring forth the awareness of sport significancy to health and life itself.

The fun and joy of the National Sports Museum Exhibition at University of Kuningan, Kuningan Regency, West Java, is available to be watched through the link Let’s check it out fellas.