Museum Collections’ Doctor in Action

In accordance with Government Rules (PP) Number 66/2015 about Museum, one of the obligation of Museums in Indonesia is to preserve its collections, including the National Sports Museum (MORA). In order to carry the task written in the abovementioned PP, in the year 2022, MORA is conservating its collections again, that is doing maintenace, restorating and repairing MORA collections.

The act of conservating the collections primarily is conducted by the conservator, sometimes being called as the doctor of museum collections (for more cplanation on the conservator, visit the article ”Conservator, The Doctor of Museum Collections” through link Each MORA collection is carefully being taken, observed to see any visible damage, being cleaned and repaired according to its damage.

From aroun 1600MORA collections, there will be 50 collection which will be conservated in the year 2022, due to very limited budget available.


~ AM, 4.4.22 ~