Virtual Experience MORA - SMP Homeschooling Kak Seto

Hi Sobat Mora, the National Sports Museum is again holding a Virtual Experience with Kak Seto's Homeschooling Junior High School. This activity was attended by 107 students and 20 tutors, taking place on Wednesday, March 2, 2022 from 10.00 to 11.00. Virtual Experience participants were very enthusiastic about participating in the activity, participating in answering quizzes and actively asking questions about the National Sports Museum.

For example, one participant named Ahmad Mujahid, argued that Football as a popular sport that is loved by everyone in Indonesia, does not have trophies as evidence of sports achievements. The statement was responded by Mr. Windria Setiatama, as Head of the Exhibition and Education Section, that collection grant activities from outstanding Indonesian athletes, especially soccer, only received jerseys from Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto and Kurnia Sandi. The National Sports Museum motivates students as the younger generation of Indonesia to be able to excel and make the Indonesian nation proud.

The Virtual Experience is held through Zoom Meetings and broadcast live via the National Sports Museum YouTube. The facilities that will be obtained for students and accompanying teachers are e-certificates, and for active and participating students answering quizzes and asking questions get souvenirs from the National Sports Museum. Buddy Mora who wants to register his school/university can contact the admin of the National Sports Museum 0812-2111-9808 or register directly at the link See you at the Virtual Experience, Sobat Mora!