The first Virtual Experience in 2022 with SD Pribadi Bandung

The new year must begin with a new spirit to return to learning and experience new experiences. The National Sports Museum is again holding a Virtual Museum Tour with a new brand, Virtual Experience. Not much different from the program that has been running in 2021, Virtual Experience 2022 Sobat Mora will tour the National Sports Museum accompanied by the Museum Guide and the mascot, Rimmora. The condition in Indonesian, which is still hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, requires us to carry out all activities online (virtually). This does not prevent the National Sports Museum from disseminating information on national sports history, stories of athletes' struggles, and motivating the younger generation.

This virtual experience is with SD Pribadi Bandung, a bilingual school from Bandung City. The inaugural Virtual Experience event will take place on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, from 10.00 WIB to 11.30 WIB. The National Sports Museum service was attended by 96 students and teachers. The Virtual Experience was opened by the Head of the National Sports Museum, Mrs. Een Ermawati, and the Head of the Bandung Private School, Mrs. Erna Widyastuti. "During the pandemic, we are very grateful to be able to carry out a virtual field trip to the National Sports Museum. Our students can get education, inspiration, and recreation during the Virtual Experience” quoted the Head of the Bandung Private School.

The Virtual Experience is held through Zoom Meetings and broadcast live via the National Sports Museum YouTube. Participants actively answered quizzes and participated in question and answer sessions about the collections of the National Sports Museum. The facilities that will be obtained for students and accompanying teachers are e-certificates, and for active and participating students answering quizzes and asking questions get souvenirs from the National Sports Museum.