What is the Museum Experience at the National Sports Museum?

National Sports Museum is a special museum that displays collections about sports with the aim of educating the public about sports from the history, the athlete effort, to the motivation to exercise for physical fitness. So far, National Sports Museum always try the best for the visitors.

In the beginning of the 2020, pandemic was all over the world. The impact hits various sectors of life, including museums. The activities of museums need to stop immediately. The National Sports Museum has also adjusted and improved to develop innovations related to visits so that even though the pandemic is ongoing, museum services will continue to run and be optimal. One of the innovations develop by the National Sports Museum is called Museum Experience. This is an online visit innovation using the Zoom application.

The Museum Experience is very suitable for pandemic conditions because there is no direct contact, can be attended by many people at once (Zoom capacity reaches 1000 people), and can be followed from anywhere as long as there is internet access. The lack of the Museum Experience is very little on a technical basis and this can be anticipated.

During 2021, as the first year the Museum Experience was introduced at the National Sports Museum, there was a lot of interest. The number reached 9.698 and began to be followed by visitors not only from Jakarta but also from outside Jakarta such as Yogyakarta.