Working Out is Healthy. Is it?

Howdy MORA Friends. Halo Sobat MORA. How are ya? Hopefully y’all are just fine.

In this pandemic era, we have to take care of our health, including through working out, or doing sport activity. As MORA Friends already know, working out has significant role ini preserving our immunity. What sport do you like, MORA Friends? Riding bike, jogging, badminton, archery, or maybe golf? Whatever the sport, don’t forget to always keep yourselves well hydrated, will ya?

Probably, some of you have ever read news that few cyclists have been found dead while they are cycling. There is also badminton player who died while playing badminton, not to mentions stories about sportsman which were injured while working out or doing sport activities. These news or stories sometimes makes us wonder, why did they happen. They say that sport makes us stronger and healthier. But, why did the injuries, pain or even death, occurred?

Turns out that, although sport is healthy and making us stronger, doing it the wrong way could lead to unpleasant things or even fatality. Well, do MORA Friends want to know, what and how is healthy and good sport? Let’s go.

  1. Warming up dan cooling down

Lot of us are quite reluctant in doing warming up. The fact is, warming up is an important phase of working out, MORA Friends. Many injuries occurred b’coz of working out without even considering doing warming up. Warming up is necessary so that our body is prepared to do heavy activities. No less important, cooling down also necessary so that the muscles aren’t tensed, after working out with high intensity.


  1. Frequency

Most sport and health expert suggested that sport or working out is carried out around three or four times a week. This suggestion is based from the calculation that the duration of sport for adult is around 150 minutes a week. Turns out that working out everyday isn’t healthy for our bodies. Our body needs a time for healing. So, we have to give a break so that it can take some rest. In doing sport activities, MORA Friends need to take cautions for not having them more than can be bear by our body.


  1. Body condition

Illness or discomfort suffered by our body, is actually a signal from our body that it wants to take some rest for healing. Some of us keep forcing their body for doing sport, although their body isn’t in its prime condition. Instead of having a healthy body, often they ended up having injury or condition drop. If your body isn’t in good shape, you should consider having light work out for working out, or even taking full rest. Don’t force your body for heavy activities. For those having special conditions, such as diabetes, heart or lungs problem, MORA Friends should take special attention, too. Adjust your sport form and duration so that it won’t becoming contra productive.


  1. Adjust your condition

Sport activities are good and healthy, but if they’re not done according with the condition of our body, the result could’ve been contra productive. For instance, MORA Friends whose age are around 20-30 yo, surely would have different work out portion than those age 40’s. MORA Friends whose age already above 40, heavy intensity sports or sports heavily using muscles are better to be avoided, such as badminton, or tennis. Not to be fully stopped actually, just better lowering the intensity.

Body weight also correlated with the movement and portions being used. Relatively over weighted means they have to choose type of sport that doesn’t heavily burdened their muscles, but need longer duration if they want to gain some weight cut loss. While those with relatively under weighted body needs muscles gaining type of sport.


  1. Realistic plan

Some people say that planning without action is only imagining or nonsense, while taking action without planning is basically planning for failure. Plans that are too good to be true also often don’t go anywhere. MORA Friends could try to make a simple, but achievable, plan. Taking some exercise every morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, would be a great start. Don’t forget to set the measurement as well, such as taking at least 30 minutes for each exercise session. Simple but easy plan like this usually more achievable or even become routines, instead of highly targeted plan, such as having a world class body builder figure in just two weeks.

Those, MORA Friends, are some ways we could have healthy exercises. Working out is not just having random movements, which could end up to injury. Having some work out is indeed a necessity to keep our mind and body fresh and healthy, especially in this pandemic time. What we should keep in mind that taking exercise also need knowledge and science for having it accordingly.


~ AM, 12.1.22 ~