Conservator, The Doctor of Museum Collections

Hello MORA friends, wherever you are, I hope you are in good health and keep your spirits up. If you visit the museum, you want to see what collections are on display in the museum. You may wonder whether the collection on display is damaged or dirty? How do museums keep their collections in good condition?

It turns out that museums are obliged to take care of their collections, this is stated in the Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 66 of 2015 concerning Museums. Then who is in charge of maintaining the collection? All museum employees must take care of the collection so that it remains sustainable and can be seen by everyone. However, there are technical officers whose work is like a doctor, but not to treat sick people. Doctors who specialize in treating museum collections are conservators.

Conservator according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is a person who is responsible for the maintenance, restoration, and repair of museum objects. While in PP Number 66 of 2015 Conservators are technical officers who carry out maintenance and collection maintenance activities. Activities carried out by conservators are called conservation. Conservation in the KBBI is the maintenance and protection of something on a regular basis to prevent damage and destruction by preserving it; preservation; preservation. Conservation activities carried out specifically for the maintenance and care of museum collections.

The objects in the museum are very valuable for present and future society, they carry messages, meanings, and uses that are spiritual, historical, scientific, aesthetic, from the past that can be explored as a source of knowledge. Therefore, we must take good care of these objects and physically ensure that they can be used by the community in the future. This is an important role of conservation which is part of the function of the museum. Conservation includes prevention, response, and recovery to the occurrence of processes or events that cause damage and loss of collections.

Conservation of museum collections involves a team of trained professionals and based on available knowledge and resources. Because the museum collection consists of many types of materials, so special knowledge is needed in it. For example, at the National Sports Museum, there is a collection of metal medals. Conservators must master the science of preventing damage to metal, the actions to be taken if damage to metal is identified, and how to restore metal that has been damaged or corroded.

MORA friends, it turns out that it is not easy to take care of museum collections, therefore a "doctor" is needed, namely a conservator to take care of the collection. They are the ones who work behind the scenes for the preservation of museum collections. This series of activities can preserve the collection so that it can be used in the future. You can contribute to preserve the collection by obeying the rules such as not vandalizing the museum collections.