Back to School with New Energy

Hello MORA Friends. How are y’all? Feeling excited?

Today is the day when all you students go to your schools again. Don’t forget to always obey health protocols, will ya. It’s OK to be happy coz seing your schoolmates, but please stay look after each other’s safety and wellbeing.

After more than a year, along with all the drama inside, finally face-to-face learning will be held again. Some or you MORA friends probably already experienced limited face-to-face learning, although only met some of your classmates. For another part. Probably this face-to-face learning is the first experience of back to school after the pandemic broke down. How does it feel MORA friends? Some may get quite excited, some feel just so-so b’coz they already being connected all the time with their friends via many applications, or even some may feel laziness due to the fact that they must wake up early in the morning, after all this time.

In order to be not feel lazy, or to boost your spirit, y’all could try to find new atmosphere to level up your mood or spirit. As MORA friends already knew, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah has already been re-opened for public. Yes, it has, for the last two months. Please, stay updated, will ya.

There are many venues that you can visit in TMII. There’s the legendary Keong Mas, Fresh Water Aquarium, cable cars, pavilions of various provinces in Indonesia, and don’t forget the trendy Taman Legenda. There are also few lakes and many places for hanging out or playing together with your friends. Cool, isn’t it?

Besides all those places, there are also interesting and beautiful museums in TMII, including National Sports Museum, aka MORA. Y’all already know that the Sports Museum has made a virtual museum, haven’t ya? Besides the virtual tour, of course. If you just find out about this, well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go, try the new feature out. For those who already tried it out, feel free to bring along your family members and friends.

You guys and gals, can try the virtual museum of MORA here, Let’s check it out.

If you want to experience the virtual tour, you can see them at the MORA’s Youtube account. Just search for “Museum Olahraga Nasional”

Many have visited the Sports Museum, such as the students of SDIT Bina Lestari, South Cikarang Utara, the participants of Pendidikan Kader Pemimpin Muda Nasional (PKPMN-National Youth Leaders Cadre Training), dan the students of MTs Miftahul Jannah, Tangerang District. Come see for yourselves, don’t be left behind.

Hopefully, after refreshing at the cool places in TMII and taking inspirations from the sport warriors in the Sport Museum, all you MORA friends are more ready and spirited to experience your face-to-face learning, with a new flow of energy.

Happy learning guys and gals of MORA friends. May all your education go well and y’all pass with flying colors. Stat stafe y’all. Love you all.


~ AM, 3.1.22 ~