New Year, New Hope: Opening Up New Possibilities

Hello MORA friends, howdy y’all?

Hopefully God always gives us health and prosperity.

Talking about new year, many people tend to make resolutions for their new year. Are you also among those who like to make resolutions too? Care to share? What’re MORA Friends’ new year resolutions, for this year?

Maybe there are those whose resolution is looking for job? Is there anyone who wishes to have a house this year? Or maybe there’s another whose resolution is starting to take a degree. Either under graduate, master degree, or even doctoral degree. Wow, that’s soooo cool. For MORA Friends whose still single, is there anyone whose resolution is getting married? Hopefully God would grant it soon. Just FYI, National Sports Museum could be arranged as an interesting wedding venue. We have hall, gardens, fields, pool, spacious parking lot, etc. Don’t be salty, will ya. It’s all about promotions. *grin

Whatever the resolution, MORA thinks we’d all agree that the targets won’t be acquired if we fail to give our efforts towards it. Isn’t it correct guys and gals?

In order to reach our targets, we need adequate planning. Well now, MORA is going to share a bit about good planning. Let’s go….


There are many theories on planning. We know about PDAC (Plan Do Action Check), POAC (Planning, Organizing, Actuating and Controlling), etc. In this occasion, MORA would like to discuss about SMART theory. SMART is an abbreviation of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.


Good planning comes with a specific target. For MORA Friends who have getting married as a target for 2022, you should consider to state your future spouse. For instance, for you boys, just because you didn’t have specific person as a target for your future spouse, you wouldn’t want to have another man as a spouse won’t ya?


We ought to have a clear indicator for target acquiring. If you guys and gals are dreaming to bring happiness to your parents, you need to set a parameter for the term “happiness” for your parent. As an example, happiness for your parents means a beautiful house in Pondok Indah, a saving worth of 2 billion, six months of around Europe vacation, and traveling around the worlds, including this world and alien’s.


We have to set an achievable target, not just another wild goose chase, or even chasing flying pigs. For you boys, it’s ok to have dreams with Lisa Blackpink in them, but don’t you dare dreaming her as your wife.


According with the resources in hand, logically the target is still manageable. As an example, for our national football team, having a trophy from the 2022 world cup isn’t realistic for now.


Don’t forget to set your own time bound for your target, guys and gals. For you whose trying to complete your study, don’t just say “May” as answer, as it could lead to “maybe soon, maybe later”.


Well, MORA Friends, for you who have make your new year resolution, don’t forget to write it down. Hang it high on your wall, with big letters, so that the resolution wont vaporized instantly. Make excellent planning, in order to motivate yourselves. Time flies, often we ended up facing another new year, with us still single, holding our bolster night by night.

~ AM, 1.1.22 ~

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